Monday, November 10, 2008

Too little too late

Someone needs to explain to Steyr that they've got, ya know, a market here, in the USA, and it's pretty substantial, and that they've got a pretty good reputation with regards to their AUG patterned products and that they have been quite lax in getting their collective excrement cohesion.

I tuned into their site the other day, since I have a rifle that I'd like to get a spare mag for and see this headline;
"New Steyr AUG coming soon to a dealer near you"
Sabre Defence Industries is going to be building it, so it should be a good clone copy of the original, and it will obviously be a domestic manufacture, so civvy-legal purchase should be OK...but, did anyone on either side of that deal even bother to look at the calendar? I mean, check out the press release date.

Hello!!! Is there anyone home?

Did you guys not notice that you made up your mind, like a DAY before a general election for the Presidency? Did either of you actually pay attention to who won? Did it not register that the Messiah isn't exactly down with the whole civilian armament agenda, and that he has a very compliant Congress to pass more ridiculous legislation, similar to one circa 1994?

I'd love to buy one, but I'm afraid it's too little too late.

Made of fail.

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