Thursday, July 30, 2009

Winter is Coming

"Boomers - Winter is Coming"

I gave the article a quick read, and honestly, some of it made my stomach turn.

But seriously, he's on to something with this bit;
"Anyone who is being honest recognizes the country is on a path towards a major calamity. We have been living beyond our means for decades and the fiscal mismanagement of the country will come to a dramatic climax in the next decade. What many deny is that this crisis was pre-ordained based upon a predictable timeline of generational forces repeating over and over again throughout history. The elites are continuously stunned that every 20 to 25 years a fresh mood engulfs the country and new generations act differently than the generations who proceeded them. The privileged are astounded because they don’t want to accept the fact that progress is not linear and that society will undergo highs and lows over the course of a century."

The tone of the rest of it is that there is a cyclical nature to the course of human history (largely true, I think) and that because of certain factors (some of which are dubious) we are at the cusp of a radical change in not only demographics (boomers are on their way OUT in this power structure), but in raw numbers do to probable civil war, and the real possibilities of complete global destabilization.

He might be right.

Belated H/T to Kevin.

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