Sunday, August 09, 2009

Keeping a finger on the pulse

I've been paying attention to the underlying resentment of certain factions within this country for some time.

A fairly new wedge (insofar as its immediacy, by my view) is getting driven between the already seething camps by way of the issue of "health care" and who should be responsible for what.

The ridiculousness of it all, the length of the bills being negotiated (without being read), the mandates and the overt theft of both production and liberty is staggering. The recent town halls that I've been seeing footage of are a pretty good indication to me of the depth of the issue's reach, and it's doing little except fomenting outright revolt.

As Billy keeps saying, "All politics in this country is now just dress rehearsal for civil war"

Pay attention to all of those links, there, in his post. Of special concern is some of the framing going on with the ads, claiming of a "mob" being used by the Republicans, when it's nothing more than concerned citizens protesting in these town hall meetings, is beyond the pale.

Every single one is with regards to the issue of a government takeover of the health care of every citizen and the means of production of same.

{smartass alert}

I can't imagine what he's talking about. Watch the whole thing, and be enraged.

On the lack of principles, I have no doubt, but their sheer determination, ambition, and resolve is unquestionable.

Make no mistake, if this thing keeps going the way it's currently headed, there will be civil war, and it's going to come down to neighbors killing neighbors. You can count on it.

Sharpen the knives, and keep your powder dry, folks.

H/T to fellow Kansan, Doug, at Kalapanapundit for the linkage.

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Blogger Grant Jones said...

Greetings from Manhattan. Kansas, of course. Thanks for the links and keep up the good fight. I wonder if our good friend Dennis Moore is going to have real town hall meetings, or if he plans to just phone it in.

11:07 AM  
Blogger theirritablearchitect said...


Greetings, right back achta, from (close to) Snob Hill! (Jeezis, I haven't used that term in years)

Yes, keeping up the good fight from here, as far as I can.

I've not heard anything from Moore's camp, nor anything else, really, about this issue. I suppose I should write my Congresscritter and tell him in no uncertain terms how he is GOING to be voting.

12:20 PM  

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