Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preaching and praying for a disaster

I'm almost speechless at the ignorant bastard for what he's promoting in that comment thread.

It's all right there, in black and fucking white, and the stupid bastard can't wrap his pinhead around the plain fucking meaning of the words that even HE says are right there!

If anyone isn't certain about the seriousness of this issue, well, watch this;

You think Mr. Sola is taking this personally? I'm glad it's sinking in with folks like him.

That dirtbag Dingell shoulda gotten what's left of his fucking teeth kicked in, and he may have if the cops hadn't put themselves between the two.

Going beyond the pale, however, was the bit of night-riding going on after the dustup at the townhall.

That is the result that I'm looking for, honest to God. Seriously, someone is going to get a bullet to the brain on this, eventually, and if that's what it takes to make people wake the fuck up, so be it.

H/T, again, to Grant Jones, for the linkage.

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