Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picking up some steam

In an addendum to my earlier post, it seems that David Codrea has more links to follow.

Anyone who starts in with some bullshit Pollyanna excuses about the cops "needs" should look no further than that piece at William Grigg's place, and consider the ramifications of letting the cops plainly do anything they damn well please, under any excuse imaginable.

Mr. Grigg makes an excellent point;

"...You see, Officer Brian Miller, being not only a hero (they're all heroes, don't you know) but something of an oracle, just knew Lockard was drunk, despite the reading on his otherwise infallible device. So Miller obtained a "warrant" from a complaisant judge (a warrant being a permission slip from one government agent to another authorizing the violation of a citizen's rights) that authorized the kidnapping of Lockard for the purpose of forcibly extracting bodily fluids -- blood and urine. The former was drawn by a needle. The latter was siphoned from Lockard's body through the forced insertion of a catheter.

Those tests both confirmed what the initial roadside test had demonstrated: Lockard was, for purposes of the law, as sober as Carrie Nation.

So the matter ended here -- correct?Of course it didn't. Because Lockard had, in some unspecified and ineffective way, protested Officer Miller's actions, the uniformed pest vindictively charged him with "obstruction of justice" -- meaning that Lockard had the temerity to be legally sober and to maintain his innocence while undergoing the criminal indignities inflicted on him by Miller and his partners in official crime..."

And with that, I submit to anyone who reads this; there is the Rule-of-Law for you. What does that mean to the average schmuck on the street these days? Not much, I'm afraid.

I now also submit that the situation is only going to get worse from here on out.

I must ask, what would the Founders have thought about being manhandled by the fucking Brits in a similar manner?

When's it all gonna get to be too much to bear?

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