Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Need a new building? Hire a gardener!

At least, that's what's going on down in Athens, Alabama right now, the City Council having, apparently, given a notice to proceed to a firm hired to design a building or two, except, the firm's principals aren't actually architects.


There are currently some revisions afoot in Birmingham, for consideration by the Legislature there, for amending state law, allowing this kind of thing to become legal.

Anyone see how my objection (as usual) at institutionalization of these kinds of matters, that being by force of law, isn't really very effective at the disposition of good solutions?


I've never been given to the idea that a license necessarily implies any form of competence, no matter what field, but (and this is a big but), this is kinda like getting your mechanic to perform your appendectomy.

Caveat emptor, or something.

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