Monday, March 22, 2010

So much to look forward to

Just loved that last one;

"...And use a condom, it's the law!"
Just what we were looking forward, too, doncha think?

Actually, it's what the Lefties were looking for...all along.

I've a problem with the whole bit, on general principle, but what I've heard more than anything else during this fight was the "public funding for abortion," argument, and rightly so, but, and here is where you have to start applying that principle thing; what if the Gummint starts in with birthing controls, because they now think you are using too many resources, medical or otherwise?

What then?

What happens?

Do they take your babies from you to be raised by other families who've been less lucky in their attempts at conception? I wouldn't put it passed the fucking creeps. Worse?

Are you scared yet?

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