Tuesday, August 22, 2017

But one quip

Francis Porretto correctly calls out the absolute necessity for intel on the opposition;

" The first, absolutely indispensable step is infiltrating the opposition. We must learn the individual identities of those who gather to suppress us, and we must pursue them individually, just as they strive to pursue us. If they have gatherings, some of ours must be present. If they don’t, we must tap their communications and monitor them ceaselessly. The information we can gather that way is beyond price. 
Once we know who they are, it’s a short step from there to learning where they will be. That gives us what we’ll need for what must follow: charges, against both the individuals and the groups, of conspiring to violate others’ civil rights. That’s a federal criminal charge that can’t be dismissed. According to our family lawyer, a police commander who tells his subordinates to disregard such complaints is himself guilty of misfeasance – for instructing his men to commit nonfeasance — so make sure all such complaints are properly witnessed..."

The only issue I take regarding this direction is that we should not expect that the LEGAL SYSTEM (not the Justice System) will take any action on the issue, even when clear evidence exists that there was a crime perpetrated upon anyone who does not meet the criteria for a predetermined "social justice," class of various, "minorities."

Instead, please read up on how to properly perform the Three 'S' Treatment.

You have homework.

The festivities will commence soon.

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