Monday, July 18, 2005

As the Jedi say, "Be Mindful."

It occured to me shortly after 9/11 that this was the first in what was possibly a long list of things to come.

The tactics of Al-Qeada are that of a protracted guerilla war.

Attach an extremist ideology to young and impressionable boys who then sit and wait for their orders to kill. What is even more alarming is that at least one of the suspects, Tanweer, seemed to come from an upper-middle class family, with professionals and business owners as parents, and a well planned career path, studying at a university. Despite what some may say about terrorism being caused by abject poverty, the sleeper cell lives!

I'd like to ask this young man's father if, when he allowed his son's passage to Lahore last year, what he thought his son might be doing there. "Studying religion" doesn't seem likely in this day and age, especially with so many Muslims living in Europe these days. The number of Mosques and Madrasses would indicate to me that their religion and cultural system is well established. Enough so, so that traveling to Mecca, a requirement of Muslims I know, would seem to be the only NEED for traveling to the more turbulent eastern Muslim nations. You'd THINK that the son's family would have had a sit-down with him about this. You'd think!


Blogger Darth Bacon said...

Don't forget young Shazad's new red benz.

Poor bastard-- how disenfranchised and weighed-down by the suffering of his brothers in "Palestine", Iraq, and Kashmir he must have felt tooling around Leeds with the top down.

9:07 PM  

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