Friday, August 14, 2009

Facts, truth and liars

Perennial liar and professional sophist, Markadelphia, keeps doing the inverted-shoe-leather-into-speaking-orifice routine over at Kevin's.

His claims about the timetable and the lack of a call for quick action are just laughable too.

Even when proven completely wrong, he comes back and swerves, dodges and avoids taking his medicine.

The One, in his own words;

So, he admits it, for all to see. At 5:32, "they know that we can't let special interests and partisan politics stand in the way of reform, not this time around," and from there proceeds to paint a picture of what he is certain will be the outcome if we, as he says, "do nothing."

How does that arrogant bastard know this? Is he omniscient? Where's the crystal fucking ball? At the very least, where's the application of principle? That's right, there isn't one, and that fucking mob has admitted as much.

He wanted it done before the August recess, but was thwarted, obviously, by LOTS of angry citizens.

Now, it seems that The One still is demanding that "Health Care Reform" get passed before the end of the year.

But remember, according to Markadelphia, The One is not pushing...and I've got a pig that can fly.

That stupid fuck, Marky, needs to find a convenient method for committing seppuku.

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