Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The march of technology

Via Sipsey Street; It seems that it took just over thirty years to go from fanciful weapon of the movies to get to the real deal.

World's first lightsaber.

Quoting the article;
"...the laser is so high powered that shining it on fleshy parts will cause them to burst into flames..."
Pretty close to the original mark, if you ask me.

All for about $200.

I want one.

Not sure what I need it for, but it might find a good use in the near-future, should the fucking governments of the world keep futzing with fiat currencies and monetary exchanges, like they've been wont to do of late.

Of course, I'm sure the feds are going to take notice of this thing, and for all of the obvious reasons.

I'm also curious as to what that waiver that's mentioned actually says.

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