Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spreading it around

Not that my readership amounts to more than three or four, but I thought I'd pass along a link from fellow blogger and irritated compatriot, DirtCrashr; a snippet from his thorough backhanding of the recent Commie party backslapping routine,
"Indeed most of the establishment audience was unabashedly rocking out to the militarism with fist-pounding vigor, including Will Smith and his scary wife Jada who's teeth were clenched in a bright, white, smile. Only Nathan Lane seemed bemused and clapped lightly in rhythm with the song - but that is his signature expression which has earned him so much on Broadway - The Great White Way. If they had shown the event in black-and-white rather than color I would have been even more closely reminded of 1930's Europe and the glittering who's-who that made up the inner-circle of fawning party-loyalists. Never has the counter-culture so perfectly reflected the desires and will of the elites, and never has a "protest" song begat so little protest - what would they be protesting against? "Their" play won two awards for best scenic and lighting design - should they throw it back? Such is Anarchy in the US today."
How true...and, Read the Whole Thing.


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