Thursday, June 12, 2008

Come around to my way of thinking

Via Small Dead Animals, I see that the ridiculous Canadian Human Rights Commission sent a hired thug to the house of Ezra Levant's parents, in a rather flagrant attempt to harass him.

The fact that there is even such an entity in existence is reason enough for any rational person to want to pull a Mencken, and clearly we are going to have to start doing this at some point in the future, here.

Count on it.

From Vin Suprynowicz, The Ballad of Carl Drega, pg. 436:
"Are you ready to defend your freedom? You speak of mindset, of folks being paralyzed because they really haven't considered the tough question in advance. Well: " Have you made the decision that you could and would use a handgun to shoot and kill a uniformed government officer who was 'just following orders,' attempting to deprive you or others of your/their Second Amendment [or any others, - ed.] rights?" Would you aim for body mass, or for the bridge of the nose? Let her lie wounded, or quickly close in to put another round in the back of the head?"

So, when that someone, with the right cause, with enough media attention, and with enough people watching finally decides that he'll act, because in his mind, the awkward stage is over, will the balance tilt, or will we get to watch the house fall, to roaring cheers?

So, I wonder, how many people will have to suffer through such atrocities as a governmentally appointed bureaucrat questioning someone for made-up "human rights violations" in the form of the written word, such as Mr. Levant is accused of? Will anyone else come around to my way of thinking about the solution to this problem?

Grim times ahead, methinks.

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