Monday, June 16, 2008

Eco-Phreak totalitarianism

Strangely, the topic at hand really intrigues me, as production of such seems to be far more realisitic in any sort of real-world scenario versus the other stuff that regularly gets crammed down our throats as being viable.

What got my attention was this comment, left by one "Uncle B":
"ban anything larger than 2000 cc's for piston engines of any kind, outright!"

How very totalitarian of you.

Can't believe people actually think this way, and no doubt a self-professed liberal (anything but, really...), however, it's clear to me that comments like this will only enable governmentally approved thugs from using their jackboots to outright kill people, given the eventualities of a state-run or mandated "carbon system".

But it will all be OK, you see, since it's supposedly about saving the environment, and a story easily recast by some Clintonian turns of phrase, showing how the "perp" was using more than their "fair share" of resources, or some other rot.

Honest to god, if there are those out there who are willing to put these kinds of draconian measures into place, for no other reason than some smug, self-satisfaction of "sticking it to those abusers," or however they'd like to put it, I can promise these same statists a quick retort, probably in the form of a hot lead sandwich.

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