Thursday, December 04, 2008

Life lessons from Auntie Tam

Considering the recent dust-up in Bombay, Tam gives everyone a nice reminder about their surroundings, daily carry rig, as well as attitude and mindset;

"Places aren't dangerous, people are; there's no magic fence around anyplace you're going that will keep the dangerous people out..."

"Carry a reload."

"Don't carry like it's a game...Save toys and fashion statements for the range; carry a weapon."

"If your local range won't let you draw from the leather or shoot from cover or kneeling or on the move, it would behoove you to try and find a way to get that kind of practice. " [As a substitute, try doing some dry-fire drills with snap caps in a DA handgun at home. It will give your forearms the workout they need too. -Ed.]

"...don't call off your shooting sessions due to weather."

...and without doubt the best part;
"Make up your mind ahead of time to resist; that's the most important thing of all. "
Those bits aren't doing her post any justice, really, as all of it is sage advice, and the whole is truly greater than the sum of those parts, so as they say, Read the Whole Thing.

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