Thursday, March 19, 2009

More inane bullshit

Headline: "UN considering oil tax to help revive world economy"


We simply must eradicate the notion that taxing something is going to "stimulate" anything else, even if it means offing the assholes who perpetrate this idea upon the rest of us (Yes, shoot the bastards in the fucking head!). The whole idea of taxing anything is paramount to destroying it, not making it grow, in any way.

How about this posit?

"...this infusion of cash will make the globe more green..."
And the absurdity of the quote of some bureaubot fuctionary, at about 1:10,

" would be almost, if not, totally unnoticed by the consumer, particularly because we've seen oil prices fall over the last year..."
All so some asshole (presumably this asshole) can make himself look good for the proletariat, or worse, make himself "feel good" about occupying his spot in line to the food trough. Nothing more than a self-important lout on a power grab.

Then, the real clincher,

"...his defense is...'we can't afford not to'..."

As if he actually knows that. The IPCC has been discredited, so thoroughly that the data that they have produced can not be trusted as accurate. In fact, NO ONE has enough data to suggest anything of the sort of what they are suggesting. Taxing you and me back to the fucking stone age is their sole goal.

Is your blood boiling yet?

Mine is.

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