Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More trees

Yup, especially that last link in Billy's post.

The Donks not only don't like skirting the issue of who they really are, they are proud (somehow, it really boggles the mind as to why) to announce it to the world.

This reminds me of the scene in A Few Good Men, when Jack Nicholson is sitting on the stand, and is just pregnant with the need to tell the whole court, hell, the whole nation, exactly what he'd done with the code red thing. Smugly self-satisfied that everyone will just have to like it and deal with it.

I've got news for the leftists, and most definitely for Ronald Aronson, just keep it up, OK? I really want you assholes to keep this shit up. If you want to know why, it's plainly said this way; you will end up taking it on the chin when all is said and done. Why is that? Well, let's just say that I couldn't agree more with Billy's take on that Aronson piece,

"The Cold War" is not "over", socialism is not "dead", and the Democrats will be an unprecedented disaster.

If anyone doesn't believe me, just wait for those schmucks to commence with their hardline socialist programs after "retaking" the Congress next week. What will be the first item on their list? Increase welfare checks? 'National' health insurance? 'Living wage' BS? Gun control? All of it will eventually be implemented, and more. Count on it if the Donks wrest control over both houses and then somehow manage to get the White House in '08.

Anyone know of any good deals on 7.62 NATO surplus?


Blogger NotClauswitz said...

National Ammo Day (Nov. 19) should really come before the election! Give the politicians somethign to think about. I'm gonna get a case of .03-'06 from the CMP.

6:59 PM  

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