Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gummint Cheese

So, I was doing my usual morning reading over at Tam's place, and while reading her piece on the perpetually clueless professional victims in London preaching class warfare, I was reminded of a song from years past that was rather apropos.

My high school cross country coach was a huge fan of The Rainmakers, so the team was often subjected to various tunes by same on Saturday mornings while making the drive to the area meet. "Government Cheese" always stuck with me, and was a fitting song to hear on those trips, as it served as metaphor for the upcoming race, I'd always think; "Nobody's going to be out there on the course helping your sorry ass win, so don't be looking for no Gummint Cheese."

Bunches of folks seem to expect to get just that, and concurrently complain about the supposed inequities of their life.

Maybe we free market types with jobs should use this as our own anti-demonstration anthem.

Play it loud.

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