Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pravda on the Hudson, where stupidity and collectivists rule

I'm not much of one to sit here and argue the finer points of who actually affected the various economies more or less than those described in that link, but what I'd like to suggest is that someone, anyone, with a conscience, step up to that interminable moron, and stick their fist straight in his face.

Then, when they've got him stunned, wrestle him to the ground, and beat him about the head until he can only manage to slobber on himself while taking his food via catheter for the rest of his life.


Because of moronic platitudes like this;
"Here in the United States, many people are understandably wondering whether the $800 billion stimulus program will make much of a difference. They want to know: Does stimulus work? Fortunately, this is one economic question that’s been answered pretty clearly in the last century.

Yes, stimulus works.

When governments have taken aggressive steps to soften an economic decline, they have succeeded. The Germans did it in the 1930s. Franklin D. Roosevelt did so more haltingly, and had more halting results. Even the limp Japanese recovery plan of the 1990s makes the case..."
Excuse me, but it works?!? At what, prolonging the agony and suffering? Keeping the bad shit from being excised from the economy, like the weak getting offed from the strong, in Darwin's modeling?

Obviously, this guy has failed either his education in Econ 101 (or, more likely, education has failed him), or is in the tank for der Zauberer (I'm guessing here, but I'm thinking it's BOTH!).

The time has come to cut out this kind of cancer, folks. And we can just as well start with these kinds of assholes.

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Anonymous chrisb said...

Simply stating that something is so, does not make it, so.

The examples he brought up have all been proven to be failures.


10:39 AM  

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