Monday, August 30, 2004

The real role of the UN

The crisis in Sudan is appalling, as everyone knows, but the situation has only gotten worse since the UN has stepped in and made its presence known.

This is hardly a surprise to anyone who has the mental capacity of a rational 10-year old. It is the politically corrupted who need reminders and evidence presented in a way that is both simple and affectual. These people are always under the tragic supposition that there are two things which are true, both to this situation specifically, and more generally, to all people; that governmental intervention, in whatever form(s) it will show itself, is the appropriate response to these kinds of matters, and that the suffering masses (pictures of dying babies gets attention) are the perfect means for appropriating the necessary power to impose that governmental will upon the citizenry.

Duh, right? Yet it is exactly the same as the present Donk-in-waiting, as he parades his disgusting attempts of "universal healthcare" around like the limp rag doll it is. The commercials are rife with the same message, "look at all the poor, mistreated people...we have an obligation to take care of them."

It is complete bullshit, of course. As course as it may be to say, their problems are not our responsibility and the UN will do nothing more than write resolution after resolution condemning the atrocities and send in more monitors, or new ones, to watch the situation deteriorate. They have done this in every situation before (think Somalia, Rwanda, Kosovo) and only the most optimistic (read stupid) would think the situation to turn out otherwise. The stumblefucks at the UN don't have the balls to actually DO anything and instead rely on their moral high road, like Amnesty Int. do, and write a position paper on the shit, condemning it instead of acting.

The worst part of the UN proposals for dealing with this stuff is the economic sanctions that are inevitably to follow these resolutions. These damn things do absolutely no good, and usually end up with the unintended consequence of helping the tyrants and despots who they are supposedly trying to control. I will NEVER forget last spring, the warehouses being overrun by the coalition forces, showing the Oil-for-Food stuff being uncovered at SoDamn Insane's military bases. We get his oil, his soldiers get fed, all on our dime.

So, you want to help the ethnic black Africans in Sudan, send some guns and a few mercernaries. Show them how to fight back. Give them the chance to repel the borders, bent on crossbreading with the native population in order to drive out the ethnic black bloodlines in the area. Send some knives so the women can give the damn Arabs a circumcision that they WILL not forget. Tell the UN, in no uncertain terms, that they can't help. Write them and tell them to disband their ill-gotten organisation before more people get killed. Tell them to get the hell out of New York and go back to Brussels.


Remind me why I care?

I don't know WHAT to think about this situation.

The French, the stalwarts of personal liberty (cough, cough), deny someone their freedom of religion. Big shocker to everyone, I'm sure.

Then the assholes kidnap a couple of French journalists to exact some type of revenge for the law forbidding the women overthere, as in France, from wearing headscarves. WTF?

Since when did the ragheads care about their women, especially those living in a foreign, western country?

Why do I care for that matter? Oh, yeah, brought up to believe that people should be let to their own ways and respected. Ya know, that whole Judao-Christian thing. Almost forgot.

What the Frogs should do is stick that pen that they use in the eyesocket and scramble what little brains those motherfucker asshole terrorists have left, then pop out their eyeballs, both of them, and skull fuck them all. And by the way, use that same fucking camera that is so popular with the assweasels and record the whole thing and then send it to Al-Jazeera.

That oughta piss 'em off!


Monday, August 23, 2004

Reminder to self: get out of tornado alley

Not even a month after we moved out to JoCounty last year, I watched a tornado come straight at the house.

From where we live, I can see for about 20 miles in most every direction, especially south and west. I remember watching the weather that evening, in early May, prime tornado season. Standing in the driveway, then running inside and looking at the weather radar and then running back outside and looking at the movement as Lawrence got hammered. Back and forth for about an hour, positive that we were going to get it, we were right in the path of the damn thing.

Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Sky cleared off, clouds parted, and weather returned to normal.

We have just been through the same thing for the last two hours. It hasn't been any easier this time, and I have lived around the KC area my entire life, you'd think I'd be used to it.

Before, I never really considered the effects of tornados. I had watched them, and been closer to some than I should have, but these two have been different.

We have a local phonomenom called "the Tongenoxie Split." Tonganoxie is a spot in the road between Kansas City and Lawrence. For some reason, tornados are drawn to this town like a magnet. When the storms arrive, they either take a route, or split, to the north or east. For the majority of my life, I have lived to the south and east of this area, and as anyone knows who has studied tornados at all, if you are south of a tornado in the northern hemisphere, you are out of its path, generally.

When we crossed the state line and bought the house in JoCo, we ended up right in the path of most of these storms, before they get to Tongy. I have known this for as long as I can remember. I bought a house on top of a hill in Kansas that is a known tornado magnet. What was I thinking?

Note to self: Move soon.


Why I hate John Kerry

If this isn't an indication of what kind of person John Kerry is, or, more precisely, what he is being marketed as, I can't say what it is.

First, the RINO McCain gets his unconstitutional piece-of-shit bill passed into law, with all its bells and whistles. So now you can no longer call each other names on the playground and run all of that "negative" campaign advertisement that makes the thin skinned pussies get their panties all in a bunch. Now we have to put all that money up for everyone to see and make it fair and all that touchy feely crap.

In the place of all of the "old bad stuff" is now the incredibly fair IRS 527 entities. With these and the unbiased mass media (damn, choked on that one), who are immune from the brilliant new rules of the level playing field that the campaign finance reforms have brought, we get.........the exact same shit we got before all this crap started, except now, we have some groups who are accusing others of wrongdoing, breaking the law and frivolous civil suits of such. That's it, that's the idea, get the dumbass Feds in on yet another piece of your lives.

Of course, we must respect those who have something to say and let them say it, right? So there are a few guys who were doing the same kind of thing as Kerry during Vietnam at about the same time at about the same place and they want to tell the world how much of an ASS John Kerry really is, or something like that. OK. They ARE NOT a Republican Party entity. They are an independent organization who think one way and want the world to know and are exercising their constitutional rights...Then John-John comes out and says that it isn't fair that this independent organization is attacking him and calls on Bush (and let me make it clear AGAIN that there is no association between the two groups here) to tell the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to stop and play nice.???

Where am I? The fucking playground at elementary school? I mean, when is it OK for someone to say, "this subject is out of bounds, so Dubya, you (and now it seems everyone else as well) can't say my Mom wears Army boots!"

So what are you gonna do John-John, take away my Birthday? Fuck you, you pompous bitch!!!

Do you think that for one minute that JFK would rein in ANY of his toadies (, I'd LOVE to see the IRS crawl up their ass with a microscope) and tell them to play all nice-nice? Hell NO! So why should W say anything to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to shut up and not question Kerry's claims about his Vietnam records? Short answer, he shouldn't. Neither should Kerry try any shenanigans with the Left-leaning organizations.

Of course Bush comes out later today and does EXACTLY what he shouldn't have done and confirms for Kerry two things: Dubya will jump when asked, and Kerry is correct about people not caring about the First Amendment, or the Bill of Rights in general.

Fuck! The goddamn FIRST AMENDMENT is on the line with this shit, and all they both do is play games with it. Unbelievable!!!

As much of an idiot Bush is/has been, he is, at the very least, principled. That is a description that will never befit ol' John-John.


Saturday, August 21, 2004


Is it me, or is ALL of the commentary by the "analysts" on the Olympics more than a little annoying? They are ruining the games!

I do occasionally like to hear something that Costas has to say about some oddity or quirk about something, but then again, he actually knows something of what he is talking about, unlike every other journalist I see these days. I wish that they would just can it, shut up and COVER THE DAMN GAMES!

I don't need anything other than a couple of cameras on the events. No color man. No washed up former great in the event giving rolling commentary. Just cover the event!!! I don't care what it is! I would sit and watch badmitton if they'd just shut up. Instead they have to show replays of the preliminary heats of the 100 meters for an hour while Carol Lewis tells me how fast someone looked in the last 40 meters. Fuck!


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Lies, Hollywood and a Recent Movie

The Wifey and I rented a movie last weekend that I had been wanting to see for a while, Runaway Jury.

I was rather anticipatory about this, as I knew it to be an adaptation of Grisham's book of the same name, with the notable change being the subject of the tort party involved, notably the "Gun Industry" replacing "Big Tobacco."

I watched the whole thing and tried to remain quiet throughout, and managed quite nicely to do it, or nearly so.

It was interesting to see some of the reactions that my wife had to some of the more absurd portions and suppositions that were presented in the movie, she is a furriner after all. This is especially so, for me anyway, seeing as she was, when we met, a complete hoplophobe. Damn Krauts.

Enough time with me has cured her of that damn annoying habit of condemning a gun or its purpose. She now views them with the same passion as, say, an automobile. The Krauts do understand the machine, afterall. It has become a utility piece with her and the fluttering and rush of epinephrine at the sight of one has gone the way of the Dodo bird.

It seems a bit odd to me, convincing someone about the legalities of the personal firearm. The film's court scene with a Veep from fictitious Blacksburg Firearms relies on the witness protesting grandly on some sort of feeble notion about "Second Amendment rights" or something about how they "just sell a legal product to the public." This is so thin as to be unbelievable. I am surprised that the producers even allowed the movie to be released in that form.

I mean, what is it about a firearm that needs to be made legal in order to have it, or manufacture it or distribute it. Mankind has been making them since we could figure out how to thrown a damn rock! Why is it that modern man somehow needs permission from the larger collective to make, handle or own one? It just amazes me that some would seem so apologetic about it by claiming that it is not a banned product. By that measure, we could handle the "problem" of "gun violence" by just banning all of them, right? Ridiculous.

Tellingly, the crux of the interest of the Left's (that would be almost ALL of Hollywood, BTW) position on gun's and gun culture is explained rather clearly by Jeremy Peavin's character, a special counsel to the the Plaintiff, as he admits, "I believe in a world without guns."

It can be explained in no plainer terms, I think. That is that, as they say. I can buy that argument. It is, at the very least, an honest one. Instead of DiFi trying to contort the issue, she should just come to terms with what her, and her ilk's, position really encompasses. It is not at all realistic, however.

The story is linked to several people who have crossed paths by way of gun-wielding psychopaths. The blame gets put on the guns, as usually happens, and not the perps of the crime. A couple of people go out of their way to influence the jury (John Cusack is actually quite good in his role) as they have traveled around to different cities trying the exact same trick on bogus negligence suits.

On a more personal note, I can not believe that if something like this were to really happen (a roving juror in search of personal vindication), and the judge were to find out about it, there would be Hell to pay. The movie makes NOTHING of this fact, or the patent lack of morality in such an action. It would seem that the producers think it OK to play dirty with the Gun Industry, they sell an eeevilll product, ya know? Sounds just like a Donk to me. One rule for me, another for you.

Molon Labe!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Citizenry have their Priorities all mixed up

Now tell me this, how is it that there is a state sponsored program to deal with the exorbitant prices of (our) governmentally controlled supply, and type (thanks FDA) of drugs, but when it comes to "outsourcing" another product or job, it (our government, in one of its many forms) has an altogether different position, philosophically at least, about what they are going to "allow", or in this case actively promote, to be purchased across international borders????!!!!!! Sounds like familiar Donk territory to me, raise enough hell and get something changed. Someone needs to tell these shitheads to...

Stay the fuck out of everything...altogether...every...fucking...time...

I'll tell you EXACTLY what this whole thing is about! The fucking peons and old folks, union heads, the Joos in ChiTown, the Liberal cryingwhinybabies and the indigent are CRYING about how high the prices of drugs are, and THEY WANT SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, GODDAMNIT!

I can here it already, "Fix my problem for me, asshole, or you are not going to be reelected!" Of course the politician will respond with something like, "Well, ALLOW ME!!! I am, after all, a politician, and your problem is my problem, so allow me to selectively throw the levers of power and wave my magic fucking wand over your (perceived) problem and fix your shit for you.

ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you think that Blagojevich, for one minute, would do a damn thing about my problem? I mean, all I want is to make a phone call and buy a gun from across the border (the Canadian Para-Ordnance pistols are excellent). Do you think he would be at all receptive to my second amendment rights? FUCK NO HE WOULDN'T!!! Not to mention that I don't live in Illinois, but that is hardly the point, is it?

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea here. I will promote the free trade of drugs across international borders to promote competition (although this is clearly not the case), but it needs to be an across the board thing, with the dang Gummint keeping their filthy hands out of it, both in terms of regulation (none) and tariffs (little or none).

I want all the rest of the assholes from the People's New Socialist Republik of Chicago and Surrounding Territories, formerly known as Illinois, to get a good fucking taste of their own fucking to speak!